GalleryCast 90 – Music, A Magic Beyond All We Do Here


We’re all about the music this time around. Our Guru chat is about
music in the movies and put that with the a couple of new musical
birthday numbers, you end up with enough music to be getting on with.
We have a lightning fast News in Review and over 9 minutes of
bloopers. Sit back and enjoy.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:06:37 Opening Chat (Jules & Patrick)
0:06:37-0:07:14 Hilde’s Birthday Song (Patrick)
0:07:14-0:08:18 Hilde’s Birthday Poem (Katie)
0:08:18-0:12:03 “She Writes the Songs” (Jules)
0:12:03-0:12:55 Luna Gnome Commercial (Miranda)
0:12:55-0:28:09 News in Review (Katie, Jules & Patrick)
0:28:09-0:31:28 “Where Do We Go From Here?” (Catchlove)
0:31:28-0:32:09 Ginny’s Bat Bogey Hex Academy (Banana)
0:32:09-1:51:17 Guru Chat – Music (Hilde, Katie, Patrick & Jules)
1:51:17-1:55:21 “Sirius” (Katie)
1:55:21-1:57:32 Sign Off (Jules & Patrick)
1:57:32-1:58:36 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:58:36-2:08:00 Bloopers (Hilde, Katie, Patrick & Jules)

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