GalleryCast 68 – Two Years in the Life


It’s our very special anniversary episode. Two years of GalleryCast
and still going strong. You get a look (or listen) inside the GC
studios along with memories of days gone by and even two new filks.
Thanks for listening for the past two years.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:02:24 Inside GC Studios Part 1 (Jules, Katie, Patrick, Miranda & Hilde)
0:02:24-0:09:45 “Cell Block Tango of Azkaban” (Miranda, Jules, Jamie, Hilde, Erna, Katie & Chris)
0:09:45-0:09:51 Inside GC Studios Part 2 (Patrick, Katie, Hilde)
0:09:51-0:10:41 Bea Arthur Blooper (Patrick, Jules & Katie)
0:10:41-0:10:49 Inside GC Studios Part 3 (Miranda & Katie)
0:10:49-0:12:32 Jamie’s Thoughts on Godric’s Hollow (Jamie, Katie, Miranda & Jules)
0:12:32-0:15:01 Jamie and the Great Nagini Blooper (Jules, Jamie, Katie & Miranda)
0:15:01-0:15:14 Inside GC Studios Part 4 (Patrick & Hilde)
0:15:14-0:18:54 “Be Our Guest” (Hilde, Miranda & Jules)
0:18:54-0:22:55 “Kreacher’s Sexy Back” (Miranda)
0:22:55-0:25:20 “Dobby & Winky” (Hilde)
0:25:20-0:25:30 Inside GC Studios Part 5 (Jules, Patrick & Katie)
0:25:30-0:28:12 “Stay or Go” (Patrick)
0:28:12-0:28:14 Inside GC Studios Part 6 (Katie)
0:28:14-0:30:44 Alchemy’s Red Stage Guide (Katie, Patrick & Jules)
0:30:44-0:35:22 Centaurs (Jules, Katie & Patrick)
0:35:22-0:35:28 Inside GC Studios Part 7 (Hilde)
0:35:28-0:38:33 Journalism (Twiddler, Jules, Katie & Patrick)
0:38:33-0:41:13 Julie Isn’t Jules (Julie, Patrick, Miranda & Jules)
0:41:13-0:41:35 Inside GC Studios (Miranda, Hilde, Jules, Katie & Patrick)
0:41:35-0:45:51 Neville Chat (Katie, Patrick & Jules)
0:45:51-0:46:10 Inside GC Studios (Katie, Patrick, Jules & Miranda)
0:46:10-0:50:13 “Hallelujah” (Katie)
0:50:13-0:52:38 Snape’s Death (Katie, Jamie, Miranda, Jules & Hilde)
0:52:38-0:56:37 “My Greatest Mistake” (Jules)
0:56:37-0:59:55 Snape and Dumbledore (Jules, Miranda, Katie & Jamie)
0:59:55-1:00:58 Inside GC Studios Part 10 (Jules, Patrick, Katie, Miranda & Hilde)
1:00:58-1:04:41 “Will He Survive?” (Katie)
1:04:41-1:08:11 “As Long As It’s Harry” (Patrick, Katie, Miranda, Jules & Hilde)
1:08:11-1:09:15 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:09:15-1:13:51 Bloopers (Katie, Miranda, Jules, Jamie & Patrick)


GalleryCast 67 – Movie Time! Where’s the Popcorn?


This episode is all about the Half-Blood Prince. The movie that is,
not just the Prince himself. Katie, Patrick, and Jules are here to
chat. But wait, act now and we’ll add special guests Hilde and Jamie
as well. All the laughs for the low, low price of free.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Jules & Miranda)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-1:38:37 HBP Movie Reaction Chat (Jules, Katie, Patrick, Jamie & Hilde)
1:38:37-1:42:52 Bloopers (Jules, Katie, Patrick, Jamie & Hilde)

GalleryCast 66 – If Sue Can Squee, So Can We


We’re a little excited around here. There’s some big goings on in the
HP world and we are really excited about. We might even be called
squeeful. No Guru chat this time around, but we have plenty of other
stuff to keep you entertained. Fred and George are back to dispense
their special kind of wisdom, the Lily & Stag chat is on the Sorting
Hat’s New Song, and the girls get together to squee over the
Half-Blood Prince. Don’t forget the music. We’ve got lots of that too.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Jules & Miranda)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:05:36 Intro (Jules, Katie & Miranda)
0:05:36-0:09:22 “Lucius” (Jules)
0:09:22-0:09:57 Amulets Against Dark Creatures (Hilde)
0:09:57-0:36:18 Lily & Stag Chat – The Sorting Hat’s New Song (Justi, Hilde & Tina)
0:36:18-0:39:40 “Through and Through” (The Weasel King)
0:39:40-0:40:21 Ginny’s Bat Bogey Hex Academy (Banana)
0:40:21-0:49:13 Fred & George’s Magical Solutions to Muggle Problems (Miranda & Jules)
0:49:13-0:49:50 Kreacher’s Potter Pans (Miranda)
0:49:50-1:35:22 Pre-Movie Squeefest (Katie, Jules & Miranda)
1:35:22-1:38:35 “Sweet Cat of Mine” (Patrick)
1:38:35-1:42:27 Sign Off (Jules, Katie & Miranda)
1:42:27-1:43:31 Outro (Jules & Miranda)
1:43:31-1:44:26 Blooper (Katie, Jules & Miranda)

GalleryCast 65 – Let’s Get Movin’


We’re back again. This time we’re bringing you lots of movie news for
HBP and DH. We’ve got the second part of our Magical Transportation
chat too. Don’t forget the filks, the Wrock, the insanity… We’ve got
it all.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:28:03 Intro (Jules, Miranda & Katie)
0:28:03-0:31:40 “One Day More” (Ann, Hilde, Julie, Katie, Michael, MJ, Patrick & Twiddler)
0:31:40-0:32:21 Molly’s Marvelously Magical Muffin Mix (Jules)
0:32:21-1:20:21 News in Review (Katie, Jules & Patrick)
1:20:21-1:23:37 “Broomstick” (Draco & the Malfoys)
1:23:37-1:24:34 Les Weatherford’s Broom World (Patrick)
1:24:34-2:06:17 Guru Chat – Magical Transportation Part 2 (Patrick, Jules & Katie)
2:06:17-2:10:40 “Racing Brooms” (Jules)
2:10:40-2:12:48 Sign Off (Jules, Katie & Miranda)
2:12:48-2:13:52 Outro (Jules & Miranda)
2:13:52-2:14:55 Bloopers (Katie, Jules & Patrick)

Special thanks to our friend Makani for her wonderful artwork