GalleryCast 7 – Death Eater Invasion – Oops!

I am reuploading this episode to iTunes because I accidentally uploaded it mono…which explains why the filk sounds all wonky. It should be up in stereo within the hour. Sorry!! I will also fix the link under the art in the below post when I have the correct one!


GalleryCast 7 – Death Eater Invasion

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This week’s Death Eater Invasion is fun stuff indeed. We have our news and news chat, which of course wandered all over the place. It wouldn’t be us with a little wandering. We have a great guru chat about the Death Eaters! Some wizard rock, a missing person add, and a surprise! We would also like to acknowledge the special guest appearance of our Video Galleries manager Chris. See if you can find where he is!

The Breakdown

0:00:01-0:00:06 Spoiler Warning (Erna)
0:00:06-0:00:38 WWW Intro (Jules & Miranda)
0:00:38-0:01:07 OotP Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:07-0:03:32 News (Jules)
0:03:32-0:18:34 News Chat (Jules & Miranda)
0:18:34-0:26:00 Cell Block Tango (Miranda, Jules, Jamie, Hilde, Erna, Katie, & Chris)
0:26:00-0:26:27 WWW Shield Clothing Commercial (Jules & Miranda)
0:26:27-0:26:56 “This Book is So Awesome” Teaser (Harry and the Potters)
0:26:56-1:11:46 Gallery Guru Chat: Death Eaters (Jules, Miranda, Katie, & Jamie)
1:11:46-1:13:16 “My Dad Is Rich” (Draco and the Malfoys)
1:13:16-1:13:53 Narcissa Malfoy Public Service Announcement (Jules)
1:13:53-1:14:14 Wizard Rock Acknowledgment (Miranda)
1:14:14-1:14:36 Exit (Jules & Miranda)
1:14:36-1:15:02 WWW Outro (Jules & Miranda)
1:15:02-1:16:46 Bloopers (Jules, Miranda, Katie, & Jamie)

GalleryCast 6 – Dumbledore’s Army

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This week we update you on what’s new in the Galleries at The Leaky Cauldron and we challenge you, the fans. We also have a fabulous Guru chat about Dumbledore’s Army and we have our usual filks, commercials, and WROCK!

The Breakdown

0:00:01 – 0:00:06 Spoiler Warning (Erna)
0:00:06 – 0:00:38 WWW Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:38 – 0:01:07 OotP Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:07 – 0:01:23 Wizard Rock Acknowledgment (Jules)
0:01:23 – 0:03:34 News (Miranda)
0:03:34 – 0:13:39 News Chat (Jules and Chris)
0:13:39 – 0:17:04 “Looking For Trouble” (The Remus Lupins)
0:17:04 – 0:18:02 Protean Galleon Commercial (Jules)
0:18:02 – 0:18:31 “This Book is so Awesome” Teaser (Harry and the Potters)
0:18:31 – 0:44:43 Gallery Guru Chat: Dumbledore’s Army (Miranda, Jules, Katie & Jamie)
0:44:43 – 0:46:53 “Ballad of a Teenage Queen” Filk (Miranda)
0:46:53 – 0:47:54 Cho Kleenex Commercial (Danae)
0:47:54 – 0:48:17 Exit (Jules and Chris)
0:48:17 – 0:48:42 WWW Outro (Jules & Miranda)
0:48:42 – 0:50:53 Bloopers (Jules, Miranda, Katie & Jamie)


Hi all! I know at the end of GalleryCast 5 we say we are going to do a creatures chat next but we are no longer going to do this. We are going to talk about the creatures as they come up in each of the following subjects:

1. Dumbledore’s Army
2. Death Eaters
3. The Ministry
4. The Wedding
5. The Weasleys
6. Comedy in Deathly Hallows
7. Hallows & Wands
8. Horcruxes
9. Teachers
10. Snape
11. Dumbledore
12. Ron & Hermione
13. Voldemort
14. Harry
15. The Final Battle
16. The Epilogue

If there are any other subjects you would like to hear us talk about please feel free to comment.

GalleryCast 5 – The Order

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This week we update you on our new images and videos in the galleries, of course, and have a wonderful discussion about the Order of the Phoenix. Not to mention some new commercials and filks!

The Breakdown

GalleryCast 5 Time Stamps

0:00:01-0:00:06 Spoiler Warning (Erna)
0:00:06-0:00:38 WWW Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:38-0:01:06 OotP Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:06-0:01:23 Wizard Rock Acknowledgment (Jules)
0:01:23-0:02:48 News (Jules)
0:02:48-0:16:39 News Chat (Jules, Miranda, & Kimmy)
0:16:39-0:20:29 “Dean Don’t Push Me” (Ginny & the Weasleys UK)
0:20:29-0:20:54 Luna Lovegood commercial (Miranda)
0:20:54-0:21:22 “This Book is so Awesome” Teaser (Harry and the Potters)
0:21:22-0:51:56 Gallery Guru Chat: The Order (Miranda, Jules, & Jamie)
0:51:56-0:57:03 “Harry We Believe in You” filk (Hilde)
0:57:03-0:58:44 Exit (Jules, Miranda, & Kimmy)
0:58:44-0:59:09 WWW Outro (Jules & Miranda)
0:59:09-1:01:39 Bloopers (Jules, Miranda, & Kimmy)

Thank you to caladan for the use of their artwork.

GalleryCast 4 – Expectations and Reactions to DH (Part Dos)

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What’s new in the Galleries news and discussion. We chat about Jo’s Q&A session online. And part 2 of our Guru chat on Expectations and Reactions to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The fan art used above is by the always amazing artdungeon.

The Breakdown

0:00:01-0:00:06 Spoiler Warning (Erna)
0:00:06-0:00:38 Opening (Jules & Miranda)
0:00:38-0:33:47 News Chat and Webchat Discussion (Jules, Miranda, Erna, & Hilde)
0:33:47-0:38:21 “My Way” (Frank Sinatra)
0:38:21-0:38:55 WWW Love Potions Commercial (Jules & Miranda)
0:38:55-1:13:49 Gallery Guru Expectations and Reactions Chat Part 2 (Jules, Miranda, Jamie, & Katie)
1:13:49-1:17:02 “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Cornelius?” filk (mlwl, Mokey Magoo, Guru of Sloth, atschpe)
1:17:02-1:17:37 Fleur for Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion Commercial (Jules)
1:17:37-1:18:03 Outro (Jules & Miranda)
1:18:03-1:19:08 Bloopers (Miranda, Jules, Erna, & Hilde)