Filks – Give ’em another listen.

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Who says you can only listen to filks once? Here is a link to every filk we’ve played so far on GalleryCast. I will update this list as we put new filks on our episodes. Happy Listening!!

Ballad of a Teenage Queen by Miranda

Cell Block Tango of Azkaban by Jules, Hilde, Jamie, Erna, Katie & Miranda

DE Peep Song by Hilde

Harry We Believe In You by Hilde

Help by Erna, Maria & Hilde

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Cornelius by mlwl, Mokey Magoo, Guru of Sloth & Hilde

I Don’t Know How To Love Him by Hilde

Is He Really Going Out With Her by Jules

Look At Me, I’m Ron Weasley by Miranda

Luna Lovegood by Danae

If We Had A Million Galleons by Jules & Miranda

Stupid Girls by Miranda

Sweet by Erna

There Are Worse Things I Could Do by Jules

Weasley Girl by Jules & Michael

Whatever Voldy Wants by Jamie

Bellatrix Lestrange by Delana

Kreacher’s Sexy Back by Miranda

Little Girls by Jules

Do-Grey-Prince by Jules, Katie, Hilde and Miranda

That Don’t Impress Me Much by Miranda

DE Mash by Miranda

Beautiful by Miranda

Daydream Believer by Jules

Go or Stay by Patrick

Voldemort (Is Known as the Dark Lord) by Patrick

Fame by Katie

Close To You by Jules

Voldemort’s Curse Left Harry A Scar by Patrick

Dobby and Winky by Hilde

Pretty Fly by Jules

Lord Voldemort by Hilde

We’re Already There by Jules

Maybe by Jules

Be Our Guest by Hilde, Miranda and Jules

Hogwarts Bound by Patrick

It’s My Bathroom by Hilde

My Greatest Mistake by Jules

On My Own by Hilde

Papa, Can You Hear Me? by Hilde

Witch by Miranda

Wonderwall by Erna

Elixer Man by Patrick

RG Family by Hilde, fw00per, twiddlethosedials & Katie

My Soul’s In Pieces by Patrick

Sirius by Katie

A Cauldron Full Of Hot Strong Love by Erna

Crazy Loving You by Hilde

I Wanna Be Loved By You by Hilde

BasketCase by Erna

I Got You Weasley by Michael & Cheryl

Weasley Woman by Miranda
Thanks to makani for the use of her beautiful artwork!



  1. I Love the filks guys! Keep on rolling ’em out!

  2. Please post Hilde’s ‘Crazy Loving You’ !
    As always, I Love the show. Thanx

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