GalleryCast 120 – Our Only Regret: No Bloopers


There’s a strange hush around the GC studios today as the Gurus are in
shock due to a lack of bloopers. The boys are to blame. Our girls only
Guru Chat on regrets left us blooperless. Proof positive that it’s
Patrick’s fault (not that Rudi is blameless). Enjoy the Guru Chat and
the filks. We’ll try to make up for the lack of bloopers next time.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:03:30 Opening Chat (Andi, Jules & Patrick)
0:03:30-0:07:50 “How to Save a Life” (MJ)
0:07:50-0:08:59 Winky’s Whisky Commercial (Miranda)
0:08:59-1:25:35 Guru Chat – Regrets (Jules, Katie, Andi & Hilde)
1:25:35-1:29:34 “My Greatest Mistake” (Jules)
1:29:34-1:30:12 Madam Gluteus Commercial (Patrick)
1:30:12-1:32:11 Sign Off (Andi, Jules & Patrick)
1:32:11-1:32:54 Outro (Miranda & Jules)


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