GalleryCast 12 – It’s Not All About The Wandwork Either

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We have a great episode for you this week. We have the galleries news and news chat. Our Guru chat this week is on Hallows and Wands, and it’s a good one. Even if we are sadly lacking our Jamie in this one. Of course we have WROCK, commercials and filks; would we be us otherwise??

The Breakdown

0:00:00 – 0:00:30 Intro (Jules and Miranda)
0:00:30 – 0:01:02 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:02 – 0:01:14 Wizard Rock Acknowledgment (Miranda)
0:01:14 – 0:04:10 News (Miranda)
0:04:10 – 0:15:39 News Chat (Jules & Miranda)
0:15:39 – 0:20:10 “The Hallows” (Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls)
0:20:10 – 0:21:01 Luna Gnome Commercial (Miranda)
0:21:01 – 0:21:58 “This Book Is So Awesome” Teaser (Ministry of Magic)
0:21:58 – 0:57:17 Gallery Guru Chat: Wands and Hallows (Jules, Miranda & Katie)
0:57:17 – 1:00:26 “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” (Hilde)
1:00:26 – 1:00:53 Shield Clothing Commercial (Jules & Miranda)
1:00:53 – 1:01:02 Sign Out (Jules & Miranda)
1:01:02 – 1:01:27 Outro (Jules & Miranda)
1:01:27 – 1:03:10 Bloopers (Jules, Miranda & Katie)

We are also releasing a mini-feed this week on iTunes. In GalleryCast 11 we did the news chat with Sue. You only heard a portion of our chat. We have put it on iTunes in it’s entirety for those of you who would like to hear all of our discussion with the lovely Hufflepuff princess Sue Upton.

Thanks to EricaLeah for the use of her beautiful artwork!


GalleryCast 11 – The Weasleys

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We have lots of guests on this week’s GalleryCast. One of whom is very squee-worthy. Yes, we have that Hufflepuff princess herself, Sue Upton, with us for the news chat this week, and be prepared for squees because we have new Jason Isaacs pictures this week.

We also have our two wonderful friends from WeasleyCast with us for the Guru chat on the Weasleys, Sheri and MJ. We had a wonderful chat with them about our beloved Weasleys.

We also have 2 new commercials this week, a filk and some WROCK of course. Listen closely for an announcement about a fan artist contest that we are doing here at GalleryCast! Happy Listening!

The Breakdown

0:00:00-0:00:30 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:30-0:01:00 OotP Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:00-0:03:04 News (Jules)
0:03:04-0:03:17 Wizard Rock Acknowledgement (Miranda)
0:03:17-0:27:56 News Chat (Jules, Miranda & Sue)
0:27:56-0:33:12 “The Third Twin” (Ginny and the Weasleys)
0:33:12-0:33:38 Ron’s “Twelve Fail-Safe Ways To Charm Witches” Advert (Miranda)
0:33:38-0:34:53 “This Book Is So Awesome” Teaser (Ministry of Magic)
0:34:53-1:22:17 Gallery Guru Chat: The Weasleys (Jules, Miranda, Jamie, Katie, Sheri & MJ)
1:22:17-1:25:42 “Stupid Girl” (Miranda)
1:25:42-1:27:13 Jamies’ News Reel (Jamie)
1:27:13-1:27:54 Molly’s Marvelously Magical Muffin Mix Advert (Jules)
1:27:54-1:28:19 Contest Acknowledgement (Miranda)
1:28:19-1:29:23 Sign Out (Jules, Miranda & Sue)
1:29:23-1:29:50 Outro (Jules & Miranda)

GalleryCast 11 – up on iTunes now.

Thanks to makani for the use of her beautiful artwork.

GalleryCast 10 – Comedy in Deathly Hallows

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We have a jam packed episode this week. The news and discussion, a casting wish list chat and a Guru chat about Comedy in Deathly Hallows. We also have a skit from those Weasley Twins and a commercial. As always, we have rocking Wizard rock!

The Breakdown

0:00:01-0:00:06 Spoiler Warning
0:00:06-0:00:38 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:38-0:01:06 OotP Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:06-0:01:24 Wizard Rock Acknowledgment (Jules)
0:01:24-0:03:54 News (Miranda)
0:03:54-0:20:52 News Chat (Miranda & Jules)
0:20:52-0:23:44 Wizard Rock Heartthrob (The Whomping Willows)
0:23:44-0:24:23 Dash Skit (Miranda & Jules)
0:24:23-0:24:49 OotP Soundtrack Teaser
0:24:49-0:46:18 HBP Casting Chat (Miranda, Jules, Katie, & Jamie)
0:46:18-0:47:33 This Book Is So Awesome Teaser (Ministry of Magic)
0:47:33-1:13:28 Comedy in Deathly Hallows (Jules, Miranda, Jamie & Katie)
1:13:28-1:15:34 Flushed (The Moaning Myrtles)
1:15:34-1:16:26 Mrs. Skower’s Magical Mess Remover Commercial (Jamie)
1:16:26-1:16:34 Sign Out (Miranda & Jules)
1:16:34-1:17:00 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:17:00-1:17:21 Bloopers (Jules, Miranda, Katie,& Jamie)

Thanks to sulkyscrewt for the use of their artwork.

GalleryCast 9 – GalleryCast Gets FilkCast Potterstyled

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This week we have the FilkCast Potterstyle hosts Delana and Michael on with us. We do a chat with them along with several filks and a lot of laughter. We give you the news on what’s new in the galleries at The Leaky Cauldron and, of course, our opinions on it.

The Breakdown

0:00:01-0:00:06 Spoiler Warning
0:00:06-0:00:38 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:38-0:01:06 Soundtrack teaser
0:01:06-0:04:22 News (Jules)
0:04:22-0:24:24 News Chat (Jules, Miranda, & Hilde)
0:24:24-0:24:59 Soundtrack teaser
0:24:59-0:31:37 Filk Chat Part 1 (Miranda, Jules, Delana, & Michael)
0:31:37-0:33:57 There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Jules)
0:33:57-0:36:06 Bellatrix Lestrange (Delana)
0:36:06-0:41:58 Filk Chat Part 2 (Miranda, Jules, Delana, & Michael)
0:41:58-0:43:37 Look at Me, I’m Ron Weasley (Miranda)
0:43:37-0:47:10 Is He Really Going Out With Her? (Jules)
0:47:10-0:51:04 Filk Chat Part 3 (Miranda, Jules, Delana, & Michael)
0:51:04-0:53:24 Whatever Voldy Wants (Jamie)
0:53:24-0:56:13 DE Peep Song (Hilde)
0:56:13-0:59:26 Filk Chat Part 4 (Miranda, Jules, Delana, & Michael)
0:59:26-1:02:19 Luna Lovegood (Danae)
1:02:19-1:03:59 Help (Erna, Maria, Hilde)
1:03:59-1:10:43 Filk Chat Part 5 (Miranda, Jules, Delana, & Michael)
1:10:43-1:13:53 Weasley Girl (Michael & Jules)
1:13:53-1:18:18 If We Had a Million Galleons (Jules & Miranda)
1:18:18-1:19:12 Filk Chat Part 6 (Miranda, Jules, Delana, & Michael)
1:19:12-1:19:47 Sign Out (Jules, Miranda, & Hilde)
1:19:47-1:20:15 Outro (Jules & Miranda)

The artwork used is by Mary Grandpre from the chapter Dark Lord Ascending from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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GalleryCast 8 – The Ministry of Morons

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On this week’s GalleryCast we give you the news from the Galleries at The Leaky Cauldron and have our normal, we can’t stay on topic, “news” chat after. We just love those rabbits. We also have a great Guru chat about the Ministry. Jules, the invisitwins (Katie and Jamie) and I all discuss how the Ministry is limping along in Deathly Hallows. We also bring you 2 wrock songs and 2 commercials. Happy Listening!

The Breakdown

00:00:00 – 00:00:06 Spoiler Warning (Erna)
00:00:06 – 00:00:38 WWW Intro F&G (Miranda & Jules)
00:00:38 – 00:01:04 Ootp Soundtrack Teaser
00:01:04 – 00:01:55 Wizard Rock Acknowledgement (Jules)
00:01:55 – 00:05:04 News (Miranda)
00:05:04 – 00:20:04 News Chat (Miranda, Kimmy, Jules)
00:20:04 – 00:23:13 “House of Awesome” (Whomping Willows)
00:23:13 – 00:23:56 Skiving Snackboxs Commercial (Miranda & Jules)
00:23:56 – 00:24:26 “This Book is so Awesome” Teaser (Harry and the Potters)
00:23:56 – 01:00:29 Guru Chat: MoM (Jules, Miranda, Kaite, Jamie)
01:00:29 – 01:03:38 “Follow the Red Sparks” (Weasel King)
01:03:38 – 01:04:16 Fleur Sleekeazy Commercial (Jules)
01:04:16 – 01:04:24 Sign Off (Jules & Miranda)
01:04:24 – 01:04:52 WWW Outro (Jules & Miranda)
01:04:52 – 01:07:54 Bloopers (Miranda, Jules, Kimmy, Katie, Jamie)