GalleryCast 103 – Six Other Doppelgangers


The Gurus are at it again. Talking about Doppelgangers and celebrating
Patrick’s birthday at the same time. As further proof of our
multi-tasking ability we’ve included filks, Wrock, and bloopers. Sure
there’s a lot of talking, but what do you expect with all the
doppelgangers running around?

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:06:54 Opening Chat (Jules & Andi)
0:06:43-0:10:27 “Six Other Guys” (Hilde, Jules, Rudi & Katie)
0:10:27-0:11:41 Quibbler Advert (Rudi)
0:11:41-0:15:43 “The Bravest Man I Ever Knew” (Ministry of Magic)
0:15:43-0:16:14 WWW Six Other Guys Catalog (Jules)
0:16:14-1:42:18 Guru Chat – Doppelgangers Part 2 (Patrick, Jules, Katie, Hilde & Rudi)
1:42:18-1:46:16 “Misguided Wizard” (Patrick)
1:46:16-1:47:31 Sign Off (Jules & Andi)
1:47:31-1:48:34 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:48:34-1:51:21 Bloopers (Jules, Andi, Patrick, Katie, Hilde & Rudi)


GalleryCast 102 – Have a Very Harry Christmas


Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes is proud to present this commercial free
holiday presentation of GalleryCast. In this episode we get to check
in as HP characters exchange gifts. Our Guru Chat is all about
Christmas in the Harry Potter movies. We’re overloaded with filks and
Wrock too. Settle down and celebrate the holidays with the Gurus.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:10:38 Opening Chat (Jules & Patrick)
0:10:38-0:14:16 “The Guru’s Twelve Days of Christmas” (Katie, Patrick, Rudi, Jules & Hilde)
0:14:16-0:16:46 “Voldemort’s Secret Santa” (Seen and Unforseen)
0:16:46-0:18:29 “The Dark Lord Is Coming to Town” (Hilde)
0:18:29-0:31:08 HP Secret Santa Gift Exchange (Katie, Hilde, Rudi, Jules & Patrick)
0:31:08-0:34:34 “Have Yourself a Peevesie Little Christmas” (Katie)
0:34:34-0:37:18 “A Gift for Lucius” (Draco & the Malfoys)
0:37:18-0:39:47 “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” (Jules & Patrick)
0:39:47-2:01:44 Guru Chat – Christmas in the HP Movies (Katie, Jules, Patrick, Rudi & Hilde)
2:01:44-2:04:17 “I Want an Acromantula for Christmas” (Patrick)
2:04:17-2:07:36 “Aged Lady” (Jules)
2:07:36-2:09:32 Sign Off (Jules & Patrick)
2:09:32-2:10:34 Outro (Jules & Miranda)
2:10:34-2:13:35 Bloopers (Patrick, Jules, Katie, Hilde & Patrick)

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