GalleryCast 62 – The Three Brothers


This is the episode where Patrick and Jules admit just how boring they
really are. After that excitement, the only thing that could follow it
are a Lily & Stag Chat and the third part of Beedle the Bard Guru
Chat. As always, we have filks and wrock. Enjoy the show!

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:14:05 Intro (Jules & Patrick)
0:14:05-0:17:20 “Now We’ll See” (Aislinn & Severine Snape)
0:17:20-0:18:07 Susan’s Sneakoscopes (Patrick)
0:18:07-0:45:24 L&S Chat – Symbology (Julie, Hilde & Tina)
0:45:24-0:48:43 “The Peverell Story” (Butterbeer Experience)
0:48:43-0:50:21 Dumbledore ‘s Soliloquy (Jules)
0:50:21-2:04:16 Guru Chat – Beedle the Bard, Part 3 (Katie, Jules & Patrick)
2:04:16-2:08:15 “Hallelujah” (Katie)
2:08:15-2:09:30 Sign Off (Jules & Patrick)
2:09:30-2:10:34 Outro (Jules & Miranda)
2:10:34-2:12:30 Bloopers (Katie, Jules & Patrick)


GalleryCast 61 – We Were Totally Out of Control


This is a monster-sized episode with lots of laughs. We’re back again
with the second part of our Beedle the Bard series and lots of
squeeing in the News in Review where we talk about the new trailer.
Don’t forget the wrocks and filk. And, oh yeah, watch out for
Patrick’s confession.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Jules & Miranda)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:08:24 Intro (Patrick & Jules)
0:08:24-0:12:04 “Be Our Guest” (Hilde, Miranda & Jules)
0:12:04-0:12:31 12 Failsafe Ways to Charm Witches (Miranda)
0:12:31-1:06:25 News in Review (Katie, Jules & Patrick)
1:06:25-1:09:29 “Remember Cedric” (The Remus Lupins)
1:09:29-1:10:37 Hilarios (Jules)
1:10:37-2:17:38 Guru Chat – Beedle the Bard, Part 2 (Katie, Jules & Patrick)
2:17:38-2:20:31 “Luna Lovegood” (Danae)
2:20:31-2:26:36 Sign Off (Patrick & Jules)
2:26:36-2:27:40 Outro (Jules & Miranda)
2:27:40-2:30:52 Bloopers (Katie, Jules & Patrick)