GalleryCast 118 – Don’t Want to Go Out a Lip Virgin, Do You?


We’re wrapping up our discussion about the extras on Jo’s website in
this episode. We also have the triumphant return of the News in
Review. Add in the filks, Wrock, and bloopers, and you have the
perfect recipe for laughs.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:07:29 Opening Chat (Jules, Patrick & Andi)
0:07:29-0:11:40 “Don’t Think Twice” (Patrick)
0:11:40-0:12:38 Deathday Planning Commercial (Miranda & Hilde)
0:12:38-0:50:40 News in Review (Katie, Jules & Andi)
0:50:40-0:52:33 “Goyle’s Pants” (Draco and the Malfoys)
0:52:33-0:53:08 Bella Kleenex Ad (Katie)
0:53:08-2:13:43 Guru Chat – Jo’s Website Pt. 2 (Jules, Andi, Katie, Patrick & Rudi)
2:13:43-2:21:04 “Cell Block Tango of Azkaban” (Miranda, Jules, Jamie, Hilde, Erna & Katie)
2:21:04-2:23:06 Sign Off (Jules, Patrick & Andi)
2:23:06-2:24:07 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
2:24:07-2:28:08 Bloopers (Jules, Andi, Katie, Patrick & Rudi)


GalleryCast 117 – This Conversation Has Come to Nott


We’re tackling an exciting website in this episode. It’s full of
information from Jo about the Wizarding World. No, it’s not
Pottermore. Spoilers, please. We’re discussing the extras on Jo’s
original website, We’ve got plenty to say as usual.
We’ve also got a filk and Wrock to entertain you too. And we just
wouldn’t be ourselves without bloopers.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:07:15 Opening Chat (Patrick, Jules & Andi)
0:07:15-0:11:19 “Sirius” (Katie)
0:11:19-0:11:53 Pepper Up Potion Commercial (Jules)
0:11:53-1:18:53 Guru Chat – Jo’s Website Extras Part 1 (Jules, Andi, Katie, Patrick, Hilde & Rudi)
1:18:53-1:22:59 “Catalyst for Love” (Ministry of Magic)
1:22:59-1:23:36 Madam Gluteus Commercial (Patrick)
1:23:36-1:25:15 Sign Off (Patrick, Jules & Andi)
1:25:15-1:26:17 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:26:16-1:27:30 Bloopers (Jules, Andi, Katie, Patrick, Hilde & Rudi)