GC 116 – Birthdays Are Better With Cheddar


This episode is a special one to celebrate our beloved Jules’ birthday!!! We’re talking about Strong Women this week in the guru chat. We have lots of fun with a hefty dose of cheddar on the side. And of course there is always wrock, filks and bloopers galore!!

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:03:36 Opening Chat (Andi, Hilde, Katie, Miranda & Rudi)
0:03:36-0:07:27 “We Believe In Jules” (Andi, Hilde, Katie & Miranda)
0:07:27-0:08:08 Ginny’s Bat Bogey Hex Academy (Banana)
0:08:08-1:26:06 Guru Chat – Strong Women (Hilde, Jules, Katie & Rudi)
1:26:06-1:28:59 “Ginny is a Punk Rocker” (Whomping Willows)
1:28:59-1:30:15 Sign Off (Andi, Hilde, Katie, Miranda & Rudi)
1:30:15-1:32:45 Extra Bonus Complete With Cheddar (Andi, Katie, Miranda & Rudi)
1:32:45-1:33:14 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:33:14-1:34:33 Bloopers (Andi, Hilde, Katie, Miranda & Rudi)


GalleryCast 115 – Getting Past the Whole Cootie Barrier


It’s a birthday party around the GC studios as we celebrate the
birthday of our newest Guru, Andi. We also have a special treat sent
in by two of our listeners. Of course there’s a Guru chat and you
won’t be surprised to hear that it’s about Doppelgangers. What else
could you want? Oh yeah, we’ve filks, Wrock, and lots of bloopers too.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:05:45 Opening Chat (Jules, Katie & Andi)
0:05:45-0:07:44 “Fanfiction Writer” (Jules & Katie)
0:07:44-0:08:23 Ginny’s Bat Bogey Hex Academy (Banana)
0:08:23-0:13:30 Special Segment – Free the House Elves, Free the Animals (Nick Pendergrast & Katie Batty)
0:13:30-0:16:37 “Driving Me Crazy” (Hermione Crookshanks Experience)
0:16:37-0:17:09 Neville’s Disposable Cauldrons (Hilde)
0:17:09-1:30:32 Guru Chat – Doppelgangers Part 4 (Patrick, Jules, Andi & Katie)
1:30:32-1:34:03 “Super Streak” (Michael)
1:34:03-1:35:50 Sign Off (Jules, Katie & Andi)
1:35:50-1:36:52 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:36:52-1:42:43 Bloopers (Patrick, Jules, Andi & Katie)

GalleryCast 114 – Grab Your Earmuffs We’re About to Squee


The girl Gurus are back and in fine squeeing form as we talk about a
little known movie called Deathly Hallows Part 2. But that’s not the
only thing going on. We have a Guru chat about Punishments in the
series too. Don’t forget the Wrock, filks, and bloopers. All of this
can be yours for the low, low price of free.

0:00:00-0:00:32 – Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 – Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:10:23 – Opening Chat (Jules & Andi)
0:10:23-0:14:40 – “Death Eater” (Jules)
0:14:40-0:15:15 – Bella Kleenex Ad (Katie)
0:15:15-1:52:30 – Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie Squee (Katie, Jules, Miranda & Hilde)
1:52:30-1:57:22 – “Dumbledore’s Army” (Harry and the Potters)
1:57:22-1:57:57 – Amulets Against Dark Creatures Ad (Hilde)
1:57:57-2:45:23 – Guru Chat – Punishments (Jules, Katie & Hilde)
2:45:23-2:48:39 – “Toadthumping” (Hilde, Jules, Katie & Patrick)
2:48:39-2:52:00 – Sign Off (Jules & Andi)
2:52:00-2:53:01 – Outro (Miranda & Jules)
2:53:01-2:55:30 – Bloopers (Jules, Katie, Hilde & Miranda)

GalleryCast 113 – Pass the Cho Chang Kleenex


We’re a bit emotional around here as the final installment of the HP
series comes out. It gets us talking about what makes the Harry Potter
fandom so great. We have two new filks and Wrock song just perfect for
our mood. You might need some Cho Chang Kleenex, but it will most
likely be for tears of laughter.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:20:47 Opening Chat (Jules, Katie & Hilde)
0:20:47-0:23:54 “Our Hilde” (Katie & Jules)
0:23:54-0:24:20 Ron’s Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches Ad (Miranda)
0:24:20-1:25:47 News in Review (Katie, Jules & Patrick)
1:25:47-1:30:07 “Open at the Close” (Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls)
1:30:07-1:31:19 McG’s Desk Commentary (Jules)
1:31:19-2:18:52 Guru Chat – The HP Fandom (Katie, Jules & Hilde)
2:18:52-2:21:52 “Hair” (Katie)
2:21:52-2:23:52 Sign Off (Jules, Katie & Hilde)
2:23:52-2:24:34 Outro (Miranda & Jules)

GalleryCast Extra – News in Squeeview

Sorry it’s been so long folks. Real life has been rough on us here in the GC studios. We’re back again with a spoilerific News in Review. Listen quickly, the movie will be here soon.

GalleryCast 112 – Goblin Tossing and Clown Eating Cannibals


It’s a groundbreaking episode. Jules gets tortured by the boys when
she took them on by herself in a Guru Chat about members of the Order
of the Phoenix. Gred and Forge are back again with their own brand of
advice. We have a birthday celebration along with Wrock, filks, and
lots of bloopers.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:07:16 Opening Chat (Miranda, Jules & Patrick)
0:07:16-0:11:19 “Quibbler King” (Hilde, Jules, Katie, Miranda & Jules)
0:11:19-0:11:54 Fleur’s Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion Commercial (Jules)
0:11:54-0:18:14 Fred & George’s Magical Solutions to Muggle Problems (Jules & Miranda)
0:18:14-0:22:51 “Lupin’s Tale (Where Are We Going?) (Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls)
0:22:51-0:23:28 Kreacher’s Potter Pans (Miranda)
0:23:28-1:16:38 Guru Chat – Order Members (Jules, Patrick & Rudi)
1:16:38-1:20:41 “Sirius” (Katie)
1:20:41-1:24:12 Sign Off (Miranda, Jules & Patrick)
1:24:12-1:25:15 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:25:15-1:30:03 Bloopers (Miranda, Jules, Patrick, & Rudi)

GalleryCast 111 – Ruddy Cowards and Molting Feather Dusters


This place has gone to the dogs…and cats and owls. The Gurus are
chatting about pets in the series this time. Once again, the News in
Review only covers what we want to talk about. Watch out for
animal-themed Wrock, filks, and bloopers. It’s a zoo around here.

0:00:00-0:00:32 Intro
0:00:32-0:00:54 Soundtrack Teaser
0:00:54-0:06:33 Opening Chat (Patrick, Jules & Miranda)
0:06:33-0:09:28 “Toad Named Trevor” (Katie)
0:09:28-0:10:29 McGonagall’s Ginger Newts (Hilde)
0:10:29-0:51:25 News in Review (Katie, Jules & Patrick)
0:51:25-0:54:47 “Peter Pettigrew (That Rat)” (Catchlove)
0:54:47-0:55:24 Hilarios Commercial (Jules)
0:55:24-2:02:50 Guru Chat – Pets (Jules, Patrick, Katie, Hilde & Rudi)
2:02:50-2:06:04 “Sweet Cat of Mine” (Patrick)
2:06:04-2:10:51 Sign Off (Patrick, Jules & Miranda)
2:10:51-2:11:54 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
2:11:54-2:14:37 Bloopers (Jules, Patrick, Katie, Hilde & Rudi)