GalleryCast 83 – Seven Tasks


We’re back again and running our mouths, this time about the 7 tasks
that Harry faced in order to get the Philosopher’s Stone. We have news
to review as well. And of course we bring you filks, Wrock, and we
wouldn’t be us if we didn’t bring bloopers along too.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:10:05 Opening Chat (Patrick & Jules)
0:10:05-0:13:05 “Sunday” (Patrick)
0:13:05-0:14:12 Hilarios Commercial (Jules)
0:14:12-0:44:47 News in Review (Katie, Patrick & Jules)
0:44:47-0:47:54 “Trevor the Toad” (Justin Finch-Fletchley & the Sugar Quills)
0:47:54-0:48:50 Les Weatherford’s Broom World (Patrick)
0:48:50-1:29:09 Guru Chat – Seven Tasks (Patrick, Jules, Katie & Hilde)
1:29:09-1:33:32 “Racing Brooms” (Jules)
1:33:32-1:40:19 Sign Off (Patrick & Jules)
1:40:19-1:41:23 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:41:23-1:44:54 Bloopers (Jules, Patrick, Katie & Hilde)