GalleryCast 82 – Orange Crush


It’s Valentines Day and we’re all about the love around here. The Lily
& Staggers are talking about love and over in the Guru chat we’re
joined by our friend Andi to talk about Harry and Ginny. We’ve stocked
up on filks about the soulmates with a passionate connection, and
because we’re us, we have bloopers too.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:07:09 Opening Chat (Jules & Patrick)
0:07:09-0:12:24 “Holding Out for a Hero” (Katie)
0:12:24-0:15:57 “Harry’s Girlfriend” (Harry’sJulie)
0:15:57-0:16:30 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butterbeer Advert (Jules)
0:16:30-0:41:00 Lily & Stag Chat – Love (Justi, Hilde & Tina)
0:41:00-0:41:32 WWW Love Potion Commercial (Miranda & Jules)
0:41:32-0:44:42 “Weasley Girl” (Jules & Michael)
0:44:42-0:48:55 “Witch” (Miranda)
0:48:55-1:44:06 Guru Chat – Harry & Ginny (Jules, Andi, Patrick, Katie & Hilde)
1:44:06-1:46:42 “Maybe (Jules)
1:46:42-1:50:41 “Halllelujah” (Katie)
1:50:41-1:53:58 Sign Off (Jules & Patrick)
1:53:58-1:55:01 Outro (Miranda & Jules)
1:55:01-1:58:57 Bloopers (Hilde, Justi, Tina, Jules, Andi, Patrick & Katie)