GalleryCast 76 – Confessions of GalleryCast


We’re back at it again. This episode brings you the second half of the
Weasley Siblings Guru Chat and the return of a bygone segment (with a
different host). That segment return is the Fan Interview where
Patrick interviews Dean O’Carroll, author of “Sally Cotter and the
Censored Stone.” Of course we have filks, rock, and bloopers galore.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Miranda & Jules)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:25:53 Opening Chat (Jules, Patrick & Katie)
0:25:53-0:28:29 “Maybe” (Jules)
0:28:29-0:28:56 Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches (Miranda)
0:28:56-0:57:34 Fan Interview (Patrick & Dean O’Carroll)
0:57:34-1:01:17 “The Burrow” (The Nifflers)
1:01:17-1:01:59 Molly’s Marvelously Magical Muffin Mix (Jules)
1:01:59-1:38:21 Guru Chat – Weasley Siblings (Jules, Katie & Patrick)
1:38:21-1:40:00 “Look at Me, I’m Ron Weasley” (Miranda)
1:40:00-1:41:16 Sign Off (Jules, Patrick & Katie)
1:41:16-1:44:46 Bloopers (Jules, Patrick & Katie)

Special thanks to the amazingly talented lberghol for the use of her wonderful artwork.


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