GalleryCast 74 – The Podcast That Must Not Be Named


The Death Eaters are large and in charge this time. They’ve taken over
the podcast to let everyone know their side of key events in the
series. They also brought in a bunch of filks to let us know how truly
evil they are. Let’s hope they didn’t torture the Gurus too much.

0:00:00-0:00:28 Intro (Jules & Miranda)
0:00:28-0:01:19 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:19-0:01:56 Intro (Jules & Katie)
0:01:56-0:05:43 Bella’s News (Katie)
0:05:43-0:09:40 “I’m a Death Eater (I’m a Lumberjack)” (Katie, Hilde, Patrick & Jules)
0:09:43-0:11:52 “What a Wonderful World” (Patrick)
0:11:52-0:12:37 “Spinner’s End” Snippet
0:12:37-0:13:06 Bella’s Reaction to Spinner’s End (Katie)
0:13:06-0:16:06 “DE Peep Song” (Hilde)
0:16:06-0:16:31 Frosted Face Commercial (Patrick)
0:16:31-0:20:17 “Lucius” (Jules)
0:20:17-0:24:00 “The Dark Mark” Snippet
0:24:00-0:25:13 Death Eater Reaction to the Dark Mark (Katie, Jules & Hilde)
0:25:13-0:27:32 “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” (Jules)
0:27:32-0:30:30 “I’m a Death Eater (Nightmare Before Christmas)” (Katie, Hilde, Erna, Kimmy, Jules & Patrick)
0:30:30-0:34:17 “Malfoy Manor” Snippet
0:34:17-0:34:33 Fenrir Talks About Malfoy Manor (Patrick)
0:34:33-0:38:11 “Poor Lucius” (Patrick)
0:38:11-0:38:46 Bella’s Kleenex Advert (Katie)
0:38:46-0:46:07 “Cell Block Tango of Azkaban” (Miranda, Jules, Jamie, Erna, Hilde, Katie & Chris)
0:46:07-0:47:21 “Beyond the Veil” Snippet
0:47:21-0:47:24 Bella Reacts to Sirius’ Death (Katie)
0:47:24-0:51:40 “Death Eater” (Jules; Backing Vocals: Katie & Hilde)
0:51:40-0:53:59 “Whatever Voldy Wants” (Jamie)
0:53:59-0:55:39 Lord Voldemort Hotline (Hilde)
0:55:39-0:55:50 Death Eater Burrow Attack Discussion (Patrick, Jules & Hilde)
0:55:50-0:58:54 “DE Mash” (Miranda)
0:58:54-1:02:50 “Lord Voldemort” (Hilde)
1:02:50-1:05:01 “Voldemort (Is Known As the Dark Lord)” (Patrick)
1:05:01-1:05:10 Sign Off (Katie & Patrick)
1:05:10-1:05:36 Outro (Jules & Patrick)
1:05:36-1:07:45 Bloopers (Jules, Katie, Hilde & Patrick)

All audiobook snippets are from the British editions read by Stephen Fry.
Special thanks to our friend Makani for this episode’s fantastic artwork.


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