GalleryCast 20 – Pretty Fly For A Bad Guy

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This week we talk wicked, and I mean the wickedest of them all, Voldemort. We also have what I’ve renamed as the Random Chat of Randomness, it has now been proven that Elmo can even intrude on a serious Harry Potter podcast. Of course Gred and Forge dispense some wonderful advice as always and there are filks, wrock and commercials (otherwise this wouldn’t be GalleryCast would it?).

The Breakdown

0:00:00 – 0:00:30 Intro (Jules & Miranda)
0:00:30 – 0:01:01 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:01 – 0:15:32 News Chat (Jules & Miranda)
0:15:32 – 0:19:30 “Lord Voldemort” (Hilde)
0:19:30 – 0:20:48 Lockhart’s Horcrux Detectors (Jules)
0:20:48 – 0:26:43 Dear Gred and Forge (Miranda & Jules)
0:26:43 – 0:30:01 “VoldyWho” (Ginny and the Heartbreakers)
0:30:01 – 0:30:29 “Voldemort’s Coming For You” (Jules & Miranda)
0:30:29 – 1:12:29 Gallery Guru Chat: Voldemort Part 1 (Jules, Miranda, Katie & Jamie)
1:12:29 – 1:15:38 “Pretty Fly” (Jules)
1:15:38 – 1:16:37 Top Ten Signs That You’re Lord Voldemort (Erna)
1:16:37 – 0:17:34 Sign Out (Jules & Miranda)
0:17:34 – 1:18:02 Outro (Jules & Miranda)
1:18:02 – 1:19:29 Blooper (Miranda & Jules)

A big thank you to Slytherinfiend for the use of their fantabulous artwork!

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