GalleryCast 13 – Horcruxes – The Anti-Soul

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In this weeks episode we bring you news and a news chat with Jamie, fan art’s biggest fan, as our guest. We have a chat about those evil little buggers, Horcruxes, and of course we have filks and commercials!

Please don’t forget about our fan art contest. We would love your drawings of HP characters in canon scenes who are “bringing sexy back”! Submit your entries to

The Breakdown

0:00:00 – 0:00:32 Intro (Jules and Miranda)
0:00:32 – 0:01:02 Soundtrack Teaser
0:01:02 – 0:03:10 News (Jules)
0:03:10 – 0:22:07 News Chat (Jules, Miranda & Jamie)
0:22:07 – 0:26:02 Sweet (Erna)
0:26:02 – 0:26:37 Lovegood’s Tattoo Parlor & Gurdyroot (Miranda)
0:26:37 – 0:27:53 “This Book Is So Awesome” Teaser (Ministry of Magic)
0:27:53 – 1:12:53 Gallery Guru Chat: Horcruxes (Jules, Miranda, Katie, Jamie)
1:12:53 – 1:16:53 Kreacher’s Sexy Back (Miranda)
1:16:53 – 1:18:11 Gilderoy Lockhart Horcrux Locating Device (Jules)
1:18:11 – 1:18:22 Wizard rock Acknowledgment (Miranda)
1:18:22 – 1:18:53 Sign Out (Jules, Miranda & Jamie … and … who’s that?)
1:18:53 – 1:19:25 Outro (Jules & Miranda)

Thanks to makani for the use of her artwork!!!


1 Comment

  1. This episode had me dying laughing. I LOVED when Katie Bombardad in at the end! Also loved the elf version of bringing sexy back. Fantastic guys!

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